Soldier Doll

1971. Belfast is a city torn apart by sectarian violence.

Brenda, a nineteen year old Catholic girl, is campaigning for peace. All she wants is an end to the violence. Yet when Brenda falls in love with a British soldier she becomes dangerously exposed to the very conflict she campaigns against. Her younger sister, Clare, sees anyone who dates a soldier as a traitor, a despised 'soldier doll'. Furious with Brenda, she betrays her to the IRA.

Brutally punished and shunned by her community, Brenda retreats to Harris, the remote Hebridean island that is her father's birthplace. She tries to put her ordeal behind her. But it's difficult when she knows she's been betrayed. Just as she begins to settle into her new life, she is forced to confront the sister who cruelly broke her trust. Can she ever forgive her?


“A story of love and betrayal in a time of conflict”


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