I was born and raised in Northern Ireland. After graduating in English Literature from Queen's University Belfast, I packed my belongings into the back of a Ford Capri and headed to London. I had no real plan, just a heady belief that things would work out. 

Thankfully they did. I landed a job with Harvey Nichols (I know - from bombs to ballgowns!) where I began an eventful career in retail management. I then moved into leadership training and coaching and relished every minute.

Yet throughout my working life I always had dreams of one day writing full time. I finally took the plunge by retraining in magazine journalism. I also signed up for creative writing classes, set up the Vanity Fizz blog and joined a writing group. I've never looked back.

I am now living, with my husband, close to the beautiful windswept beaches of Northumberland. As if the weather isn't bracing enough here, I keep being lured away to cold, remote islands. I've explored Shetland, the Outer Hebrides and even Greenland. More recently I've been spending my summer holidays in the Westfjords of Iceland. It's 66 degrees north, on the edge of the Arctic Circle, so no bikini required.



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